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Golfers Continue Game As Wildfire Rages On

Die hard Golf fans go viral!



A stuning picture of a bunch of golfers in the US, continuing with their game even as a forest wildfire raged behind them, has gone viral. While on Twitter the picture has collected a whopping 2.2 lakh 'likes' and more than 1.1 lakh retweets, on Facebook it has received over 1,400 shares, all since September 7.

The picture was clicked at the Beacon Rock Golf Course in Oregon and first stunned users of Reddit. It was later shared on the official page of the golf course and by journalist David Simon.


The Eagle Creek Fire, ablaze in the Columbia River Gorge, has spread across 33,000 acres and forced the evacuation of many.


Obviously the photo is now viral online, many have questioned if it was Photoshopped. Beacon Rock Golf Course have claimed it isn't and now the photographer behind the picture has also confirmed it's real.


The photo was actually clicked by 'novice photographer' Kristi McCluer,  "It's a real photo," she confirmed, adding that she did lighten it a little.

Ms McCluer first saw the fire in Eagle Creek on September 2 while skydiving, reports Fortune.com. A couple of days later she was out on a drive with her camera when she spotted the sight and captured pictures.



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